Keen to sell your taonga with us on Konei Australia?  We've tried to make the process as simple as possible:

  1. Check you meet the criteria
  2. Read through the Terms & Conditions
  3. Complete the Sign Up Form
  4. If everything is sweet we'll send you a final Supplier Form to complete
  5. We upload your products
  6. And you're ready to sell through Konei!


FYI - Konei NZ and Konei AU operate as seperate businesses, if you are already on Konei NZ you will still need to register separately for Konei AU.


Cost and Benefits

Konei is a sales and distribution channel connecting Aotearoa and Australia.

We have a distribution base and occasional retail site in Gold Coast, QLD where all online orders made through the Konei site are packed and distributed.

Brands who sell through the Konei AU channel receive:

  • product storage in our distribution centre, no more than 1 pallet at a time, insurance included
  • all products listed on our site, you will need to provide the photography and product information
  • orders are picked, packed and sent Australia wide using eco friendly packaging
  • a collective of like minded brand owners to connect with, learn from, and co-promote your brand
  • Marketing through digital channels (Email, Instagram, Facebook), Pop Up Shops, Market Stalls, special campaigns across the year
  • Monthly data reports that include
    • your sales # and $
    • main traffic sources
    • main social sources
    • # of direct promo in emails and click rate
    • # of direct product features across socials
    • # of product feature on home page
  • Monthly payments into your nominated account based on actual sales

We have a flat rate charge of 30% commission/consignment on actual sales made, so we do not wholesale the products off you they remain your property at all times until sold.  We hold insurance that covers damage to your products while in our care.



Konei was established in Aotearoa NZ as a way of backing Aotearoa owned brands, we expanded into Australia in 2021 so that we could bring the goodness that our Aotearoa based brands have to offer to our Aussie whānau, and we've also opened up to include Aus based brands in our store too. 

Our heart is to back indigenous brands and so that is our priority when bringing brands into the Konei whāre, however we are here to support all local, Aotearoa and Australia based brand owners, so tell us your story!

Key criteria we will look at (* are compulsory)

  • are you an Aotearoa or Australia owned brand? *
  • are you an indigenous brand owner?
  • are your products authentic, quality products? *
  • do you have the necessary permits or certifications to sell your products? (if applicable) *
  • are you wiling to be a part of the Konei whānau, helping each other to grow and succeed? *


Terms and Conditions

Read the Konei Australia Terms and Conditions here


Sign Up Form

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